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This programme is specially designed for retail shops, and website based owners of all sectors in mind. The Vapormax line is not just for businesses trading in the e cig/tobacco sector, but has seen a huge development in terms of sales in convenience stores, gift shops, chemists, and pubs. We have bought  the most successful brands here to the U.K. Vapormax UK is the first to offer them on a wholesale level. Just recently we are very proud to add Mountain Oak Vapors straight from Tennesse, and Johnson Creek the worlds #1 smoke juice. We are also the first company to bring them all together.

With the e-cig trend attracting hundreds of thousands of customers it is no doubt a must for any shop to be selling e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The total sales for the U.K alone in 2014 are estimated in the hundreds of millions.

Unfortunately because of the huge scale of products and e-liquids being manufactured there are a small percentage of companies and people selling inferior goods, which are just not acceptable in any form. But with Vapormax Wholesale you can be assured of what you’re buying, here is a brief introduction in what were about.

We have strict quality control for our products, the brands we sell are manufactured in America with USP ingredients. Have you ever questioned were your e- liquid was made and from what? Click here to find out more…. www.vapormax.co.uk/about-us/

Also look at these great points which have made our Vapormax Wholesale Programme extremely successful:

  • Faster delivery, if we have everything in stock we can deliver next day, for orders outside the U.K there is less than 10 day turnaround, and when compared to China which is 30 days+ we cut that time more than half.
  • Vapormax UK continually improves customer service, it is not just about selling to us we feel a need to stand by a certain degree of high morals.
  • You can communicate with us constantly, when dealing with suppliers from abroad there is a language barrier to overcome, and speaking to someone who shares the same language makes the experience a lot smoother. There is no time difference and you can e-mail us 24/7 for a response on the same day.
  • Anyone in business knows these points are crucial for a successful company to operate and having a supplier who understands these concerns can make your company a perfect candidate for growth and achievement. Our product lines have been carefully researched and selected to ensure maximum profit. Our small minimum orders let you sell these exclusive brands with little commitment.

So why wait and miss out, to get started now e-mail us at [email protected]. After you have contacted us a member of our friendly team will send you instructions on how to get up and running as soon as possible. Ordering is very easy and unlike big corporate companies we do not have intimidating policies and ask a million questions to sell our brands.

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