Electronic Cigarettes – The Quitting Aid of Choice.

Quit smoking with e cigarattes

It’s official – after a surge of sales over recent years, the E-cigarette has become the most popular ‘quitting aid’ in the UK.

With 1.3 million users (and rising!) the electronic cigarette is now the ‘go-to’ tool for those looking to quit their tobacco and chemical laden cousins. Over 25% of attempts to quit smoking in the UK are now supported with e-cigs, out-performing and chosen over the more conventional patches, sprays, and nicotine gums.

Why have e-cigarettes become so popular?

They have been around since the 60s, but it has only been in recent years that the e-cig has really taken off.  As well as glowing recommendations from medical organisations, its popularity has tied in rather nicely with the stricter restrictions surrounding traditional tobacco cigarettes. But what is it about electronic cigarettes that has so many people raving?

E-cigarettes are a type of ‘Personal Vapouriser’ which delivers nicotine via the inhalation of an atomised vapour drawn from the replaceable ‘cartridge’ inside. The cartridges come in a variety of flavours with varying nicotine levels – with one key notable difference:

Electronic cigarettes do not hold the chemicals, toxins and tobacco that comes with your ‘everyday’ cigarette.

The electronic variety are cheaper and more sustainable, with rechargeable batteries and far easier to maintain than standard cigarettes.

This healthier form of nicotine intake is well suited to the ‘quitting’ individual, giving them the control of nicotine strength, as well as giving them the physical and visual ‘fix’ of the smoking ‘act’, which can be just as difficult to shift as the habit itself.

Electronic Cigarettes are saving lives.

The popularity of the e-cig will help to rescue over 54,000 lives over coming years, saving the lives of those that have chosen the vapour-way as a legitimate and successful method of quitting.

The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) has said:

 ”Electronic cigarettes are designed to help those who cannot or will not quit using nicotine altogether. They compete with cigarettes, providing an experience that smokers recognise without the toxins and carcinogens that result from burning tobacco.”

After a recent study surrounding quitting aids for smoking, E-cigarettes came out by far on top with them proving themselves as the strongest contender on the market.

During the study, the highest ‘quit’ rate was attributed to e-cigs, with 57% having at least halved their daily cigarette use by the end of 6 months and 9 out of 10 of those stating they would happily recommend the product to a friend.

This study (among many others taking part across the UK) are showing time and time again that

With 100,000 deaths each year in the UK occurring due to smoking related illness/diseases (approximately 300 people per day) – it is no wonder that health organisations are so quick to recommend the healthier quitting alternative. When you then factor in the + 11,000 people a year that die from passive smoking/second hand smoke – the water vapour alternative is indeed an obvious choice for many.

Our conclusion?

This simple yet effective product is definitely changing our smoke-filled society for the better.

Hurrah for the electronic cigarette!

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