5 Celebrity Fans of Electronic Cigarettes.

As with most popular products, celebrities have played their part when it comes to some free promotion here and there. But when it comes to the electronic cigarette, no-one could have predicted it hitting Hollywood with such a bang! The success of the electronic cigarette has led to televised adverts, goody bags at award shows – and a heap of controversy as attendees of the Golden Globes puffed away on their devices (legally, we might add) with ‘cigarette-esque’ devices being used inside the building for the first time in nearly 20 years.

So who is rocking the e-cig? And why? We take a look at our five biggest supporters, and how their lives have changed with the ‘simply stylish’ electronic cigarette.

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio

leo di caprio - vapormax



At the center of the Golden Globes e-cig controversy, and the unofficial face of the industry of late, Leo has been spotted here there and everywhere with his electronic cigarettes. After quitting smoking himself, he has also advised fellow celebrities of the joys of ‘vaping’ – even convincing new BFF Robert Pattinson to give the devices ago, resulting in him quitting as a result too.



#2 Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan - vapormax


Lindsay Lohan has been known for her rather turbulent life on and off screen played out by the tabloids and the media. After a stint of, shall we say, ‘mishaps of judgement’ leading her to undergo Community Service and house arrest back in 2011, Lindsay was seen with her electronic cigarettes regularly. She has been said to have take time to recover, relax and figure out her next steps in her life and career. Safe to say that the traditional smoking habit is long gone and in its place is a reformed ‘vaping’ citizen.

#3 Simon Cowell

simon cowell - vapormax


Long-term smoker Simon  has tried (and failed) on many occasions to end his relationship with the tobacco (not to mention other chemicals and additions) sticks, but with the arrival of offspring in the near future it seems his new family was all the motivation he needed…with a little help of the e-cig too of course! His consciousness of second hand smoke alongside his wish to stay fit and healthy for his family for the future have changed his approach, and now is often spotted out and about with an electronic cigarette in tow. With e-cigs producing only water vapour as a side product, these chemical free alternatives are growing in popularity amidst smokers for their nicotine ‘purity’ and ability to help cut down on the alternative.

#4 Catherine Zeta Jones

catherine ZJ - Vapormax


After her (ex) husbands diagnosis of throat cancer which Doctors cited as directly linked to his long term smoking habit, Catherine took the step herself to quit smoking herself, and after a few wobbles (and some bad publicity) found herself aboard the e-cig train.  Along with millions of others across the UK (and the US), electronic cigarettes have become the quitting aid of choice – boasting a higher success rate than use of other products available on the market *gum, patches, etc). Whilst unclear how successful her journey has been thus far, risk of cancer and concern for family members is still a top reason for people making the switch to ‘vaping’.


#5 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl - ec-gs



Possibly one of the first off the bat with the electronic cigarette fandom was Katherine Heigl. Actress and TV presenter has been a fan of the e-cig for many years, and has even fronted a national campaign for her favourite brand. Whilst not perhaps as well known as our other ‘celeb’ picks, Katherine really is the revolutionary of the five.  She speaks openly about her journey with e-cigarettes, and is changing the face of media advertising with her work. She was even spotted on Letterman vaping away and discussing devices.



Who are your favourite celebrity ‘Vapers’? Let us know in the comments! 

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