3 People that changed their lives with Electronic Cigarettes.

There has been a lot of talk of late (from us, as well as elsewhere!) about the benefits of using electronic cigarettes as a quitting aid for the tobacco and chemical laden alternative. Whilst the debate of safety rages on, we took the opportunity to speak to three people who wanted to share their stories about electronic cigarettes, and how they have helped them kick the habit and change their lives.stubbed out

“I’m noticing the health benefits already.”

David Sheedy, Kent

I’m currently reducing my smoking using an electronic cigarette. I have tried most of the other traditional quitting methods in the past, all of which with very little success. I was recommended the e-cig by a work colleague who went from ’40 a day’ down to the occasional use of the ecig with a nicotine free fill within 5 months, so I thought I would give it a go.

The electronic cigarette is very different. and I’m finding it a lot easier to use –  with the added bonus I’m using a fruit flavoured vapour which helps to draw me away from smoking due to the improved taste!

I’ve cut down already from 40 to 10 in 4 weeks. I got fed up with wasting my money. I’m saving about £20 a week (so far!) and noticing the health benefits already. Long let it continue…!

“I’d smoked for over 10 years, now i’m nicotine free”

George Valentina, West Midlands

Before I tried electronic cigarettes, I’d say I was smoking (on average) about 20 a day. Some days less, around 10, as I worked 12 hour shifts and had little time to fit smoking in around work.  I won a starter e-cig kit on twitter and decided to give them a try.

I had never seriously tried to quit before -I’d smoked for over ten years. But when I started using my kit, I found that the real tabacco was too strong and tasted awful. Switching over to electronic was easy!

Now, I have some nicotine free shisha for those times when people really annoy me :)  or if I’m drinking and get the ‘urge’. I’ve probably smoked the equivalent of 600 nicotine free cigarettes in 6 months. (100 a month, 25 a week, three a day) and that includes the time when I was using them side by side with the ones that contain nicotine.  I love the flavours and that they are so many to choose from.

I stopped using the nicotine based refills by accident – as they were rechargable ones and I had forgotten to recharge them! It took two weeks for me to notice, but i’m glad I didn’t!

“It has definitely been the right choice, not least financially. I feel fitter physically now at 35 than I did at 30″ 

Paul Kelly, Leicestershire 

I wasn’t a heavy smoker – about ten a day maybe – but I was fairly set in that pattern day after day. I thought of quitting – the health angle was obviously a factor, but less so than you’d think.

My wife read about e-cigarettes and researched the best way of going about things – how they worked, what the benefits were, etc.

It has definitely been the right choice for me/us, not least financially, we are saving lots of money now. I feel fitter physically now at 35 than I did at 30, and I now have a small, tar-free source of nicotine that I can make taste of cinnamon apple muffins if I want to! I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since, and the idea of doing so repels me.

I’m trying to cut down on my smoking, with a view to giving up completely. E-cigs are helping me to do that by reducing my cravings. They’re a great invention.”


Want to make a difference to your life in 2014? Why not check out our starter kits and take your first step towards a tobacco free lifestyle! 



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